Service Delivery Lines
The Firm offers its services through two main Service Delivery Lines set out in the table below
Service Delivery Lines
Consulting Support Service Accountancy Support Service
  1. Management Development and Training
  2. Advocacy, fund raising and lobbying
  3. Strategic Development and Business Planning
  4. Design of Appropriate Corporate Governance Structures
  5. Human Resource Development
  6. Management Information Systems
  7. Business Process Design and Reengineering
  8. Organizational Development and Restructuring
  9. Business Valuations
  10. Feasibility Studies and Project Finance
  11. Linking Clients to Financial Institutions
  12. Project Management
  1. Design and Implementation of Accounting and Financial Management Systems
  2. Preparation of Appropriate Accounting Procedural Manuals
  3. Processing of Accounting and Business Transactions
  4. Preparation of Management Accounts and Financial Statements
  5. Liaise with External Auditors to Facilitate Audit of Clients
  6. Establishment of Internal Control Systems, Policies and Procedures
  7. Conduct Accountancy and Taxation Capacity Building Workshops
  8. Advise on Corporate Tax and VAT Returns