About Pinnacle Investment Group
Pinnacle Investment Group Limited the parent company for J and Co Consult and Unique Environmental Services Ltd. is dedicated to giving the best services to all its clients.

In this era when management of companies have become cumbersome, the management of Unique Environmental Services Ltd. and J and Co Consult Ltd. decided to create a mother company to monitor the progress of these companies and guarantee satisfaction to its clients.


To be the unique global business advisory and assurance services firm, providing the highest quality services to our clients.


To blend our experience gained from international best practices, our extensive range of available skills and industry expertise and the deep knowledge and understanding of the local environment to appropriately address and respond to issues and challenges facing our clients.


To leverage on our team’s expertise to provide specialized technical services to our clients in the private and the public sectors. At Pinnacle, we do not see a client as a coolie to be driven but as a consumer to be satisfied. We realize that the client is the most important part of the production line in our companies; we therefore take on our tasks with pride, joy and self motivation, driven by the smile of satisfaction on the faces of our clients and above all great expertise exhibited by great professionals.


We are committed to continuously maintaining a sustainable working relationship with our clients and to exhibit the highest commitment towards the delivery of quality services, exceeding the expectations of our clients. We believe that there is only one boss, the customer and as a result, we strive to see that our clients are truly happy with our services. At pinnacle, we are strongly motivated and highly organized in achieving tasks that are specified in advance; and we rely solely on teamwork to provide solutions and services to our valued clients. Here, we view our company not only as a portfolio of products and services, but a portfolio of competencies as well. Our ability to innovate has rapidly become a source of competitive success. We have a high and consistent standard of ethics.

Local knowledge

Our understanding of, and familiarity with, the local regulatory, statutory, business, socio- economic and political environment will be combined with our extensive international experience to provide appropriate solutions to the problems of our clients.

Our unique team

Our team collectively has significant experience in monitoring and evaluation, auditing and investigations, corporate and business process review and reengineering, corporate finance, strategic planning and restructuring, cost and financial management, information technology, public sector consulting as well as due diligence reviews and privatizations in Ghana and other African countries. Our team has diverse experience originating from our past association with two of the major accounting and management consultancy firms in the world.

In addition, our team combines an appropriate mix of skills driven largely by our quality educational and professional qualifications and the hands-on experience gained from the participation in diversified and challenging assignments over the years across different industries in a number of countries. We also have an extensive network of academically and professionally qualified consultants and associate consultants who possess significant industry experience and multi-disciplinary skills.

As someone rightly said “Administrators are cheap and easy to find and cheap to keep. Leaders – Risk takers: they are in very short supply and ones with vision are pure gold.” At Pinnacle, we are driven by vision, purpose and a will to make the best of all we undertake.

Pinnacle delivers the following services
  • Consulting Support Services
  • Administration of Unique Environmental Services and J and Co Consult Ltd.,
  • Official distributors of Roll Farming and Roofing Mechines in West Africa.
  • Representatives of BlueScope Steel